Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED

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About the procedure and mechanism of action

The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is poor blood circulation to the male genital which causes decreased engorgement of blood in the male genital when aroused, hence, poor erection. The mechanism of action of nitrates which are commonly used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is that they dilate the blood vessels of smooth muscles, like the muscles in the male genital area, leading to adequate blood flow to the penis, which in return enhances erection during sexual intercourse.

Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED is a procedure in which a non-invasive medical device is used to apply motion waves to the male genital area. The motions applied help in breaking up micro-plaque in existing blood vessels which enhances blood flow to the penis to enhance erection strength and quality. These motions also help to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels in the penile region, hence, more blood supply and better erections.

Unlike nitrates, the outcome of Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED management is more long lasting than temporary as it breaks down plagues in blood vessels which usually may take about 1-2 years to reaccumulate fully to affect erection quality. The benefit of Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED is that it brings back spontaneity to intimacy and eliminates the need for planned intimacy as is the case with the use of nitrates.


How long does this procedure last?

This procedure is an in-office procedure which typically lasts for about 20-30mins. The procedure is pain free and usually very well tolerated.



It is important to note that this procedure may not be fully effective for the treatment of ED when the underlying cause is trauma to the male genital. This procedure may also not be fully effective for patients with ED caused by nerve damage from diabetes or other neurologic illnesses.

Considering that most patients with diabetes also suffer from poor circulation due to plague build up in blood vessels, this procedure can be beneficial as an adjunct therapy with other medications used to manage diabetes.

Please check back for updates on when this service will available at the clinic

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